This is mainly a blog about my thoughts on different aspects of Improvisational Comedy.  Many of my posts are stream of consciousness and might get a little “rambley” (I’m pretty sure that’s a word) as I type, I apologize for that!  I’ll make sure that it is at least interesting to read, on that you can guarantee.

I have been practicing and performing Improv since 2011.  I got my start at Coldtowne Theater in Austin, TX and have been fortunate enough to perform there, The Institution, and The Hideout Theatres also in Austin.  I also spent 3 years performing with ComedySportz San Antonio in San Antonio, TX.

I have been fortunate enough to study with some of the best teachers in the country.  My teachers at Coldtowne include: Todd Schanbacher, Ashley Nugent, Justin York, Michael Jastroch, John Ratliff, and David Buckman.  I have also taken Masterclasses with Bill Arnett (iO Chicago,Chicago Improv Studio), Eric Hunicutt (iO West), Kevin Allison (The State, RISK!), Craig Uhlir (iO Chicago, The Second City ), Asaf Ronen (The Institution Theatre, YesAnd.com), and Parralelogramophonograph (The Hideout Theatre).  I also hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Music Education from Louisiana State University and Auburn University.

I can’t tell you that I am the most knowledgeable person about the craft of Improv (far from it) and I can’t tell you that I will always make sense or keep my train of thought coherent, but I can promise that there WILL be words and the WILL be in some type of order.



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